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Layers Of Psyche I

by Sean Sever

Sonar 06:05
My Song 05:14
Heart Plain 05:45


The 'Layers Of Psyche I' album, a more melodic departure for Sean Sever, features 6 exclusive releases all on one album including the bonus mixed version dubbed 'The Journey'.

Layer 1 - The Traveller,

Progressive techno taking you into the depths of outer space.  The Traveller provides a view of the first layer of my psyche, a vast infinite space to explore.

Layer 2 - Consciousness,

To be unconscious but awake as many of us feel in our day to day lives.  Consciousness is a tribute to the times we've all felt alive, the ones we all remember.  Journeying further into the second layer, we are now conscious... awake.  Filled with new hope and opportunity.

Layer 3 - Sonar,

Going deeper now, piercing through the third layer of my psyche.  What does sonar pick up down here?  What lurks at these depths?  Something eerily familiar yet distinctly different.  The inner world is near.

Layer 4 - My Song,

We have entered the inner world, this is My Song. Exploring the fourth layer at a time where I had lost something dear to me.  Allow the rhythm and depth of this musical piece to take hold of your emotions.  Leave your ego at the door.

Layer 5 - Heart Plain,

Heart beating, soul seeking.  Searching the barren land of the Heart Plain.  Allow yourself to succumb to the gentle strings before being pulled into an unexpected emotional ride through the heart p(l)ain

Layer 6 - Machina People,

The collective unconscious forms the sixth and final layer of this journey.  The soul of humanity at large - we are the machina people. 90% of this track is made using only the sounds recorded out of my kitchen.  Hint: anagram

Layer 7 - The Journey (Live Studio Mix),

Take this journey, now, with me.   Entering the heart plain - heart beating, soul seeking.  Searching the barren land before entering the inner world, ego detached.  Allow the rhythm to control your mind, body and soul as we awake from unconsciousness filled with new hopes and dreams.  Dreams that are as infinite as the vast expanses of space and as beautiful as the most vivid galaxies.  We stay here a short while before being plunged into the depths of the seas, a reminder that with every good - there is bad.  The collective unconscious ends our journey.  The soul of humanity at large - we are the machina people.


released June 7, 2021

All tracks written and produced by Sean Sever for the S7 Independent Record Label. Mixed and mastered by Sean Sever at S7 Independent Record Label., 2021. All tracks published by S7 Independent Record Label on behalf of Sean Sever (APRA AMCOS).


all rights reserved



Sean Sever Melbourne, Australia

Sean Sever is an underground raw hypnotic techno producer & DJ.

With multiple full albums and EP releases to his discography, he prefers working on projects with underground roots experimenting with highly synthetic sounds. ... more

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